The following article by Bill Murray appeared in the August 2000 issue of the Georgia Christmas Tree Association Tree Talk magazine. I hope to add a picture of this tree when available.

Naylor's Blue
A Variety of Leyland Cypress
Naylor's Blue is a relatively slow growing tree compared to Leighton Green Leyland Cypress.

The newly rooted plants droop in the pot and do not straighten up for a year. Once they straighten up, they grow well.

This is a blue green tree that keeps its color year round. When it reaches Christmas tree size, under good management, it is a slightly droopy, dense, beautiful tree. The tree does not really droop but its branch ends do in an attractive way. It holds up well in the house and does not shed.

No diseases have been observed on this tree over the years. Evergreen bag worm may attack the tree but no other insects have been observed on it.

This is a beautiful Christmas tree for those who appreciate its features. Naylor's Blue makes a fine landscape tree.